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Discover the sacred archive of your soul's journey, where every experience, emotion, and insight is etched into the luminous pages of the Akashic Records, waiting to be explored and embraced.

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Hello beautiful souls! I'm Jodi Lynn Turpin, your dedicated Akashic Records Guide.

I'm thrilled to embark on this transformative journey with you, guiding you to unlock the wisdom within your soul's story and embrace the magic of your true essence.


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I did not know what to expect from these sessions so when I experienced such profound emotional moments and deep inner clarity I was blown away. I've both done the generational healing and the soul temple work with Jodi and both were SO powerful. I went back to my great grandmother, each generation moving me more emotionally than the next to the point where such healing took place that I was streaming tears down my face.  In my Akashic Records I had the most vivid experiences of both my inner world, energetic field, and the next best steps for the questions we explored. This is simple yet profound work: gentle yet impactful: deep and vast. I'm so grateful. Jodi is a great guide and facilitator.





Jodi and I were able to go into the Akashic Records and it was truly an experience! Jodi's voice was so soothing, and she made me feel so safe when I was in the records for the first time. I could feel her guidance through my own records. When I got out of the experience I was able to talk with her and hear her feedback on what she picked up also. Jodi is truly magical and gifted. Her joy and laughter are contagious and you will feel so uplifted after a session with her.


Jacquie C

Jodi, Jodi, Jodi... what NOT to say about Jodi... my experience working with Jodi in accessing my Akashic Records cannot be understated. She made everything feel so comfortable, warm, safe, supported, and accessible that I was able to jump right in every time and discover SO MUCH through my records. I completed 4 sessions in 4 weeks and I have to say that it was intense, but very impactful and I feel so great now. Still healing, but I now have the tools to do so. Thank you so very much, Jodi. You are a beautiful soul!