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Curious about what you've missed? Explore the transformative workshops, enlightening retreats, and soulful gatherings that have left participants inspired and empowered. Get a glimpse of the magic that has unfolded in the past and stay tuned for future opportunities to join us on this journey of self-discovery and growth.

Marney, Luna Wolf Retreats

A Brilliantly dedicated partner and collaborator whose passion for working with others shows in everything she does. Jodi is nurturing, kind, and always eager to assist others in their journey to learn and grow. Her satiable desire to share knowledge and experiences is infectious!

Marina, Zupac Law and Life

Jodi has hosted several events at our studio and each one is more magical than the last! The container she creates is one of safety and fluid. She has a wealth of knowledge and intuitive gifts that together, facilitate a beautiful experience for all.

"A Dream to Partner With"

I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Jodi as a guide into my own Akashic Records and as a co-host in a retreat setting. As a guide, she is deeply affirming and empowering to work with; always gently and boldly nudging you in the right direction to discover your true potential and help you find the buried treasures within your soul. As a co-host for retreats, she is extremely organized, constantly anticipating what is needed for everybody and a dream to partner with! It can be so intimidating to collaborate with someone out of fear of not feeling supported or equal in the tasks... and wanting to see your dream flow and come to life! Jodi and I effortlessly accomplished that dreamy retreat together and I can't wait to host with her again in future! I am so grateful for her presence in my life as a guide, a partner, and most importantly as my soul sister. The best is yet to come!


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Send me a message with details about your event, and if it resonates with me and aligns with my work, I'll be in touch! Please note that while I love collaborating, I am intentional about the projects I take on and the energy I bring into my work and want to ensure we are a good fit before committing to any possible projects. Thank you for your understanding!